An experience I want to share

2021.10.18 16:11 SpeckTrees An experience I want to share

Just for context, I got eye floaters.
I was like 10-15 minutes deep into my session and out of no where my vision became clearer. And I didn’t know where my arms were at, but it felt extremely peaceful even though it only lasted about 5 or so seconds. It was nice and I’m grateful that I was able to experience such a feeling while I was meditating,
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2021.10.18 16:11 Naiyamarie Irritation bump or what?

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2021.10.18 16:11 Fuselier Website with all groups possibilites?

Theres a link posted every week 2 of worlds thats shows all the possibilites of groups depending on which team wins which game. Has a ton of green red and orange dots for wins losses and tie breakers. Think it is a rockethub link or something similar? Will delete as soon as someone helps me out. Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.18 16:11 dmerebennus $45 Thuma Discount Code & Delivery Report

I used someone's code from this sub to save $45 on my bed frame. So now I'm passing my discount code along:
Also, a delivery report: I'm in NYC. I ordered on a Friday morning. The headboard arrived on Tuesday and the rest of it on Wednesday. Boxes shipped from a MD warehouse. It took me about 30 minutes to put it all together (this includes unboxing everything). So far, I'm impressed by the quality and happy about this purchase. Major upgrade from the IKEA frame I was using before!
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2021.10.18 16:11 oYates92 Create your Pro position glitch?

So I've tried a couple of times to start a career mode, player not manager. But for some reason, whenever I create my Pro, spend my first points it changes my position, height, weight and preferred foot to the same of that is my proclubs avatar. Has anyone had something similar, if so, is there a work around?
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2021.10.18 16:11 AppdeDesconto Vestido Est Folhagem Haida* (CÓDIGO: Oh Boy)!

Resumo: FRETE GRÁTIS usando o código de vendedora: X117 *Válido por tempo limitado ou enquanto durar o estoque
Saiba Mais
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2021.10.18 16:11 Kleecarim New to mongo, need help structuring my database

Hello, I am currently doing a project that uses mongoDB. I am pretty new to mognoDB, so the concept of noSQL is still a bit confusing for me.
I am currently building an application similar to an online shop. I have a user, who is always a customer but can also be a seller (flag isSeller: boolean), and every seller has one (or multiple) companies. Every companies has to have a seller. Every product has one company, a company can have multiple ones. I also have orders, which have a buyer, a company and a product.
I already have a collection users, but I cant decide if I should store sellers as an additional collection, if I should add the flag isSeller to my user and add a reference to user in the company collection (the SQL way) or if I should add an array to users that contains the company IDs.
My other problem is that I don't know how I should implement the Order table, I know how to do it in any SQL database but I have no idea if there is a better way to do that in mongo
For the company table I will use an array with objectIDs of products, since I heard this is the best way to implement it in mongo
Here is the entity relationship diagram for my database:

I know this diagram is not really accurate, i just made it for myself to think about how to implement the database relations
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2021.10.18 16:11 conspiracythierry Dems wonder: Maybe we should put a few "points on the board," eh?

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2021.10.18 16:11 J2020G 2meirl4meirl

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2021.10.18 16:11 Shaz_1 Degree apprenticeship or degree?

lll be honest, im not really interested in cs I’m only going into software because I have nothing else to do and seeing my siblings comfort as soft engineers, I find the lifestyle nice. What would be the best option for me? Degree apprenticeship or a degree in cs?
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2021.10.18 16:11 dancingfrankie #AAX AI Academy: The Steady Rise of Web 3.0 is now available on YouTube. Join our AI speaker AVA now for a detailed walk-through of #web3

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2021.10.18 16:11 Witty_Engineering460 What would lead you to be killed by a king?

i am writing a fantasy mystery and can't think about a specific backstory info and wanted to see if someone had any ideas that I could work with.
basically, a group of warriors are murdered by the king because they've done something anti ethical against his ruling. so, if you were a warrior, what would've you done to piss the king off so much, that you died?
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2021.10.18 16:11 Nodywody Kena: Bridge of Spirits Story Explained in Details

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2021.10.18 16:11 iamgaby304 Do I hold out or just move on?

Apologies for the long post, I have let this occupy my mind way too much.
I (24F) recently met someone (22F) through my town's martial arts gym. It took about two months from our first "hello" until it dawned on us that something was up. Lots of ribbing, sarcastic flirting, but also feeling like we've known each other for years. I felt close enough to confide in them about having feelings for someone of the same gender as me for the first time in my life but lied about meeting them through work. A couple of weeks later and after a few drinks, they asked me if I wanted to talk more about it. I fessed up that my *crush* was on someone at our gym to which they said that they also like another woman at the gym (a surprise to me as both of our dating histories only involved men). Turns out we both had feelings for eachother! Similar to me, I was the first woman they had any feelings for that wasn't a celebrity or fictional character. But...after giving ourselves a day to think on it, they told me they didn't want to pursue anything because they wanted to keep the gym a safe space - they didn't want both the good and bad of dating a training partner ruining that environment. For more context, they were involved in a pretty toxic relationship ~2 years ago and found martial arts as a way to escape it and the gym as a place that felt like they could be themselves. Every part of me knew that this was perfectly reasonable given their past and also knowing that gym relationships can be iffy (but if both parties are mature enough, it shouldn't be that big of an issue, right?). I tried to play to their emotions and asked why they wouldn't want to figure this new thing out with someone they trusted - they pretty much defaulted to wanting to keep the boundary they set for themselves. But beyond that I had nothing else to say because anything would come off as me disrespecting or pressuring them.
We pretty much tried to go back to normal as soon as possible...back to still seeing eachother 4 times/week at the gym and also spending HOURS on weekends together or with our mutual friend.
About two weeks after deciding not to do anything, I subconsciously acted a little weird one night and they noticed and called me out on it. I admitted that my feelings for them were still there and they admitted the same. Apparently they had spent a lot of time trying to see how they could make this work but decided that not dating was "non-negotiable" for them. Their friends that had seen them through their previous relationship also agreed that this would be a bad idea. Even with that, we ended that convo by agreeing to talk about things if it was on our minds, as long as it will be a productive discussion and not one spent lamenting. This was the last time we've talked about all of this. But we've talked about dating in general with them once mentioning that they don't know how to know when they're ready for a healthy relationship. This reminded me that they are pretty damn young and still have a lot of growing to do, as do I...which lodged the desire to keep hanging onto this in case something changes in the future as our friendship evolves.
I've talked to my close friends about this. I've semi-joked that I think something may just *happen* one night, but I'm afraid that will spell disaster for our friendship if we don't handle it well the next day. My more optimistic friends think I should hold onto hope. My more logical friends think they same but also to protect myself and not stop myself from dating other people (as if meeting people is easy for me). My more pessimistic friends noticed that our friendship is essentially us dating without calling it dating, which is not a good situation for me because they were the one to set this boundary. But all of my friends agreed that the other person will have to be the one to initiate anything because any of my attempts to do anything would be disrespectful to them and their wishes...leaving me to just wait around for them.
Now it's been a month since our first convo (which I know really isn't that much time) and I've noticed my feelings for them comes in waves. Days will go by and I think staying friends will be a good/okay thing and then I fall into a deep hole constantly thinking about them, our time together, and how sweet it would be if we could make something work. I'm not looking through rose tinted glasses thinking about how magical things would be or how good we would be together, I just think this would be a beneficial thing to explore together.
Shoud I actively try to hold onto this in case something changes? Should I move on and forget it (this actively occupies my mind on the daily and it would be nice if it didn't)? Should I just let these waves of feelings hit me as they come and hope that one day they won't hit me as hard or as frequently?
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2021.10.18 16:11 GreeeeM Need help with strongest support build, not just healing

So i like playing the support role everywhere, but its hard to actually be effective with it in division 2.
Ofc a red build will always be better, but sometime i just wanna load into something and get my supporting role going.
I've tried a patriot(full yellow) btsu healing build with the opportunistic (?) Thing yesterday. Is that the peak support? Or is there some hidden stuff i haven't found yet?
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2021.10.18 16:11 TempletonGrizleworth Where to smoke in Tampa, FL???

I'm visiting Tampa soon, any good B&M suggestions or rollers I should visit?
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2021.10.18 16:11 Puzzleheaded_Cup_409 📈🚀 Uptober Token - A real Fair-Launch on 19 OCT 18:00 UTC 🚀📈

Aren't you tired of "x10000 gems" with hidden team wallets and not so "fair launches"?
Most of the new released "meme" tokens have a life time of maximum 1 day, if you are lucky...
We won't promise the moon, but if we will go there, it will be due to our community work combined with our hard work behind the scenes.
💰 Uptober is not just a BEP-20 Token, it is a phenomen. During last years, October is considered to be “Uptober” for most of investors, because very few lose money by investing in this month, due to all the tokens that are going only up. As everybody is talking about Uptober, we are sure that our Token will be a success and despite the fact that we have “free promo” from our name, we are working hard to be recognized everywhere, including CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko, Binance Smart Chain Scan, Influencers and Press-Media. 💰
♻️ Uptober :
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📌 Launch Date: 19 OCT - 18:00 UTC
🔒 100% of the Liquidity will be locked until 2022
⭐ Liquidity Start: 2 BNB (we have anti-whale feature, but don't tell them shhtt)
► Name: Uptober
► Symbol: $UPTOBER
► Total Supply: 1,000,000,000,000,000
► Airdrop: 3% | Burn: 50% | Liquidity: 45% | Marketing: 2%
Transaction Fee
💸 1% goes to Ecosystem
💸 4% goes to Liquidity
💸 4% goes to Marketing
💸 2% goes to BuyBack Feature
Official Links:
🌐 Website:
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📄 Contract: 0xD90F5e5b8D915Ca40f2F2137471d94600d366EA2
🥞 Join Airdrop:
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2021.10.18 16:11 pierogielover27 Research Study

Hi all! We are looking for male participants in/around the Hamilton area for a research study investigating the impact of a natural, protein supplement on muscle mass during single-leg immobilization. We are looking for male participants who are 20-25 years old, are generally healthy and are non-smokers. If eligible, you will be provided with a natural, protein supplement to take while simultaneously wearing a knee-brace for 2 weeks. You will be required to attend 5 visits at McMaster University, for a total of 17 hours, for a duration of 6 weeks. During the visits, one will be subjected to a strength and body composition assessment, muscle biopsy and blood draw. You will be remunerated for your time. If you are looking for more information, or would like to participate, please contact Dr. Changyun Lim at, or myself at This study has been reviewed by the Hamilton Integrated Research Ethics Board under project #7935.
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2021.10.18 16:11 sunnysideof Interested in Being a Live-in Companion - Where do I look?

Hello, I am a young adult (F) moving to Naples for a full time job in November. I am interested in potentially being a live-in companion for a senior woman. I love to play musical instruments, board games, and have good discussion. Where might I find someone interested in a live-in companion?
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2021.10.18 16:11 hovis88 what's your million dollar idea ?

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2021.10.18 16:11 BikiniJaques THE BATMAN - Fanart poster by me.

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2021.10.18 16:11 Tyker12 Medieval Twist!

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2021.10.18 16:11 MeIvig 💣 BANG Decentralized 💣 | 💎 Low MC 💎 | Huge Potential | Doxxed 🤚 | Utility in place! | Launching In Less than 24 hours, Join us!

When i tell you that even a small investment in this could change You Life With One Simple Purchase Would You?!!!
Not only gaming, THEY STORMED into 2021, with several NFT collabs and campaigns AND are going to finish the year off with the addition of our security department. They already have started their contract audits and investigations department by freezing funds on various crypto thefts.
The full team is from the USA!! Doxxed & KYC'D! This is HUGE! I don't understand how i have not seen this hidden gem before now!?!?

👤New Influencer on board:
🗓Launch Date: October 18 at 3 PM EST
🔐Locked Liquidity
🎰Multi Use Case!! Play with our CASINO
📄Audit w/ #TechRate
✅Devteam Doxxed
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2021.10.18 16:11 omikron898 Glitch

Hey is anyone else have glitch's when they try too fight a specter in winter sun every time he use a spell that makes my companions nauseated the game start glitch's like crazy
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2021.10.18 16:11 Desperate_Buyer8225 evil kanye be like:

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