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2021.11.30 20:26 Hita-san-chan Choice of Games

Hi guys! I wanted to talk a little about a developer that I have gotten into that I think fits a lot of the Choices themes. If this isn't allowed, please remove, as I'm not trying to break the rules.
Okay! So, Choices of Games is primarily a PC developer of what I would best call digital choose your own adventure books. I've been getting more into their books thanks to holiday sales, and I thought it would be something I share with the community. There are a variety of stories to choose from, though I have noticed they tend to lean towards the fantastical. Romance is almost always an option, but the ones I've played haven't entirely "revolved" around it. You cam also choose to be aro or ace in the majority of books I've played, so that's always a nice bit of inclusion!
Speaking of inclusion, one of my favorite things about these books is that nobody gives a singular shit about gender. You can play as a man or woman in all of them, and as NB in quite a few of them. All romances are available from the word go. Most books let you customize your LI gender, and some games let's you customize every major characters genders.
The very last thing I want to talk about is the crux of why I like these books. You feel like your choices matter and have a direct impact on the story. The choices in the books are both for character building and skill building (oh yes, we've entered the otome game stats). Watch book you are given about 5 stats that go up or down depending on how you play. Most choices have to pass the relevant skill check, so you can still flub lines or be inappropriate, but in a way that feels more organic to the story. In terms of impacting the story, characters will remember things you did for and against them, and they can come back to help or bite you in the ass.
So! I wanna give some short pros and cons, a tl;dr of sorts.
Pros: -Incredibly well written, each book has at least a few hours worth of content - Customizable genders for MC and LI - More focus on a central plot line - Less overt sex scenes in favor of romance building - The ability to be Aro/Ace - Feeling like your choices matter in context with the story - More fantastical plots, though there are some grounded stories.
Cons: - No art, sadly. This is a straight up novel - PC only, so not mobile - If romance isn't part of the story, it can sometimes divulge into "you love them because you said you did" - No F2P, each book is between 3-7 USD, though they do go on sale quite frequently. - The stats are sometimes rather unintuitive and confusing at times.
With that, I hope I've piqued your interest enough to check it out! I'll close off by giving my top 5 books I've played so far to help some people get an idea of where to start!
1) Creme de la Creme- one of the most grounded books. You are being sent to the prestigious Gatlain College in the wake of parental scandal. Will you rise through societal ranks to claim your lost prestige, or are you at college for a little more fun?
2) The Fog Knows Your Name- very Steven King. You return to your sleepy northeastern town after the mysterious death of an old friend. Do you intend to find out what happened the night your friend died or are you trying to get past it as best you can? Or... is there really something to the old town legends? The ones about creatures living in the fog...
3) Champion of the Gods- A Tradional heroes epic, pulling from Greek and Roman Mythology. You are the chosen one for the Gods, blessed with gifts no other mortals have. Is it your duty to serve the gods who have blessed you, or is this a curse, chaining you to immoral Gods for eternity?
4) Heart of the House- A more gothic story. You are a paranormal investigator on the hunt for your missing uncle. Your investigation lands you smack in the middle of a charming Baron(ess), their colorful entourage, and a house that just might be haunted. Can you find your uncle and soothe the spirits of the manor? Or is there something else going on, something more explainable?
5) Tally Ho!- another book that's more grounded. I admit I just started this one not too long ago but I'm very into it. You are a server for the illustrious playboy(girl) Roy Winterthorn. What kind of server are you? The soft hearted and witty one, or the bold and abrasive kind? Are you the kind of person that tries to emotionally tend for their charges, or the type that just wants to solve practical, real problems?
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2021.11.30 20:26 yuki-chan-133526 this is my g r z y b b b

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2021.11.30 20:26 -biohazard-butterfly What could go wrong if I spin this flaming poi with minimal precaution

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2021.11.30 20:26 madammacbeth My favorite bean, lentil, and chickpea recipes

Legumes are amazing, but I know they can get boring, so I try to keep a diverse recipe list on hand. Since everything is so expensive in North America these days, I thought I’d share some of my favorite bean, lentil, and chickpea recipes to help others eat a fulfilling vegetarian diet this season.
Notes: To reduce one-recipe ingredients (keep my grocery bill down + reduce food waste), I often modify these recipes based on what’s in the kitchen – for example, skipping a cilantro topping unless I have some leftover from another recipe. Get creative too!
Vegetarian sweet potato chili
Black bean and spinach enchiladas
Foul mudammas (Egyptian fava beans)
Lazy three-bean stew
Spicy black bean burgers
Curried lentil stew
Marinated lentils with walnut and feta (I use ground cumin instead of seeds)
Lentil Fesenjan (skip fresh pomegranate seeds; the walnuts and pomegranate syrup can be high up-front costs but are fine per serving; can add chickpeas or sweet potatoes too)
Lentil spaghetti sauce
Zucchini lentil fritters
Homemade falafel (I use ground cumin instead of seeds)
Moroccan tagine
Moroccan harira
West African peanut stew (we add chickpeas to this recipe when sweet potatoes are out of season)
Chana masala (FYI on this recipe, tone the lemon waaaay down; ghee tastes far better but this recipe tastes fine with vegetable oil)
Chickpea-lentil veggie burgers
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2021.11.30 20:26 Geheimmuser Introducing a high-energy young dog to an old, slightly disabled dog in older dogs house. A bad idea?

We are planning for a Christmas celebration with my partners family and were told that we can take our dog along if we like. We are considering this option as most boarding places and sitters are booked and her usual sitter cancelled on us.
At this house they have a super old (~16 year), gentle, female collie mix. On the contrary, we have a high-energy, 1.5 hr old female ACD mix. She can get leash reactive to some specific dogs however does really well while leash free in neutral territories such as dog parks or boarding. She has met various dog breeds in these places, and during behavioral analysis at boarding shown inclination towards older, calmer dogs.
What I am worried about and need help with is that the older dog is almost blind and lacks hearing. She has been to this place far more times than my dog and might feel territorial. Does anyone have any experience in introducing two age differentiated dogs in a non-neutral territory?? Both our dog and the older dog have been to this house individually and probably know each other's smell. However, what I am worried about is stressing out these two dogs. Any advice or techniques to keep things calm would be super helpful. On the contrary, if you think we should avoid this at all cost, please feel free to voice that.
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2021.11.30 20:26 redfacegirlfriend Crawl to me... 😈😈 19yo Domme.

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2021.11.30 20:26 JeffTennis What AEW is doing to Punk right now is being executed brilliantly.

When Punk came back everyone was ecstatic. And for weeks he would come out and cut the happy to be back promo to keep viewers tuned in and make appearances. It was gonna be hard to make Punk less of a babyface because he had been sucking up to the crowd so much and saying all these nice things. But recently with Eddie and MJf they've been saying the things fans have been feeling recently about Punk being stale and too happy. You have MJF point it out in the great promo they did, and now everyone is self-aware so it slowly allows Punk to go back to the center and potentially heel. He was getting boo'd with his thing with Kingston. Now that MJF and Eddie have been getting the crowd to realize Punk is becoming the thing he hated, it allows the crowd to start turning on him and get away from the cheap SuperCena babyface stuff he's been doing.
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2021.11.30 20:26 f4kef4ngs Bat Incident

what just happened to me is so strange it still does not feel real but I need some advice. I was taking down some dead Christmas lights outside and accidentally shook loose a sleeping bat that I did not see. it fell right into my mouth. it didn't scratch or bite me but it was in my mouth. do I need to go to the hospital? I immediately rinsed my mouth 3 times with mouthwash as I was disgusted to say the least. again, no open wounds but will I get sick from accidentally tasting a bat?
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2021.11.30 20:26 alittlewaysaway We’re spending one final week together

I (F25) told my boyfriend (M29) of almost 3 years that we need to end things last night. He works/travels every other week and he just got home last night. After a lot of tears and telling him that I thought about trying to act like things were normal so we could have one final week together, he said he wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.
I understand that this might make things much more complicated, but for now it’s cathartic. It’s also strange to have him comforting me while I cry, but nice to be held by the man who was my safe space and whom I still love immensely. It just almost feels like one of us is dying.
Has anyone had a similar experience? I’m just finding it so hard to let go, and I’ve never experienced a break up before.
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2021.11.30 20:26 feefuh 122 - You Have To Try This!

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2021.11.30 20:26 HeyaShinyObject How do I determine which of my 2 systems is more cost effective?

I have a home with gas-fired hot water baseboard heat. It's a Weil McClain cold-start system that also supplies domestic hot water. The house is modern construction (2005) and energy efficient, but has a lot of glass. In my understanding (based on comments of techs that have serviced it), the boiler is on the large size for the house; we have not experienced severe cold weather (have not lived there full time in the winter yet), but in the coldest weather we have (low 20s F overnight) the boiler's duty cycle would indicate that it has plenty of capacity, even with several zones calling; I'd say the most I've seen the burner on is about 15-20% of the time, but have not actually measured it.
Last spring, we added 4 Mitsubishi mini splits, so now have the option of using them for heat. I know their efficiency drops as the outside temperature drops, but I haven't seen any good guidance on when to start thinking about that. When we want heat fast, the mini splits deliver it well, at least in the conditions we've experienced so far this fall. Recovery time on the baseboard system is slow, and encouraged us to not set back very far at night in the downstairs zones last winter.
We are in coastal southern MA, USA so our climate is somewhat moderate due to proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Electric runs about $0.25/kWH, Gas is about $1.09/therm.
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2021.11.30 20:26 jazzwp Circle of life in the jungle. Boa dispatching an iguana under my house in Manuel Antonio. RiP Fat Bastard. You were annoying as all hell.

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2021.11.30 20:26 RottenMouze Insomnia intensifies :) || Daily random stuff #358

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2021.11.30 20:26 Complete-Butterfly24 I don’t know why my dad is sweet one minute and then a complete monster the next. He switches and you never know when it comes. He refuses to go counselling but I’m going to give him an ultimatum, either get help or we are done.

My dad gets a buzz out of putting people down around him when he’s not feeling good about himself. Sometimes this comes randomly or out of the blue.
I could have a fantastic day with him and then out of the blue he puts me down by ridiculing my weight or putting down my success. I’m sick of it.
It’s sad because he can be sweet and a great dad but once he gets in that zone he is a complete monster.
He comments on me and my sisters weight, puts down our achievements and says some really harsh stuff in general. He even puts down my Mom.
We are planning to move out soon because his behaviour has been toxic to our mental health.
We have honestly tried everything in working on our relationship with our dad time and time again we keep communicating how it makes us upset but he keeps ruining it for all of us. There’s always got to be a problem with him and some of our Christmas and New Years have been ruined by his comments or him and our Mom fighting.
My Mom is stuck but us girls plan to move tf away and protect our boundaries.
Anyone else have parents with this switch? I’m wondering if he’s bipolar but I will never know cos he refuses to go seek help. Which is completely selfish because my sisters and I have been working on our own mental health and gone counselling to heal from all the bs he put us through growing up.
I am at my wits end. The happy times never last.
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2021.11.30 20:26 LongjumpingWin2684 LF: spheal FT: ask (not legends)

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2021.11.30 20:26 jorlev CNBC: Cramer suggests forced vaccination run by the military. I thought I had enough reasons to hate Cramer... but he was kind enough to provide me with one more.

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2021.11.30 20:26 thefinalgoat You need to appear confident...

We had a regular training meeting for [insurance company] too. We went over a few things like to how to adhere to a strict micromanagey guide do better on calls. One thing that stood out to me was...One of my several bosses saying "If you appear confident, customers are less likely to give probing questions, and instead more likely to be responsive" or something to that effect. Which makes sense, in a way. Customers expect us to be a veritable encyclopedia and the agents redirecting them to us for stupid things don't help. However, sometimes you just can't help but be baffled by the things customers ask about.
I work in claims, and I'm the very first person people call to make a claim (when they don't ask their agent of course). The entire extent of my job is just you tell me what's wrong, I put it in the system. That's it. However some of the things I've been asked about are:

Pretty sure I have more but when somebody calls me asking "can I get my deductible waived?" like...yeah I'm gonna sound confused. Because that's a very weird question.
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2021.11.30 20:26 AthleToes Always the conversation starter! No matter where I go, I’m going to get asked about my shoes ☺️ picking up food and I met 3 amazing people! You have questions?! I have answers! Let’s chat!

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2021.11.30 20:26 greenmario2020 Los electrolds de internet

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2021.11.30 20:26 xx_calliope (calliope whispers ASMR) Relaxing Full Body Measurement Session [Intentional] [Personal Attention] [Roleplay] [Soft Spoken] [Female] [42:03]

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