Being asked to verify my profile with picture multiple times a day

2021.11.30 21:00 Sage410 Being asked to verify my profile with picture multiple times a day

Being asked to verify my profile with picture multiple times a day. In the past I would have to take a picture of myself to verify my account may be twice a month in the past week I’ve had to take pictures multiple times throughout the day to verify my account is this the case with any other drivers?
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2021.11.30 21:00 Serling45 Brianna Keilar (CNN) in karaoke duet with Luke Russert

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2021.11.30 21:00 tempestttoast Cereal recipes

To keep this post short, cereal is either expensive af or unethical so I figured you all might have some recipes that you like. Granola or bran flakes or anything in between works. I just want a quick and easy breakfast and I’m tired of overnight oats.
Bonus points: big batches, low effort.
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2021.11.30 21:00 m1ndst0rmz What would happen to human society if we could not experience romantic love?

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2021.11.30 21:00 SuckAtMakingNames Does this sound like a panic attack?

I have a history of anxiety and have bad a few episodes of what I believe were panic attacks in the past. I have had a few Dr visits with ekgs all showing normal. I had a bad attack last month after we moved to a more expensive house and the first day after waking up I had anxiety symptoms all day that brought me to the ER later that evening since I was worried it could be something more serious since my HR was elevated all day near 100 with palpitations. The ER dismissed me after a few tests saying it was anxiety. They did a ekg, blood tests, and an xray. I went to cardio a few weeks ago and had done a Holter which I am still waiting on results. Yesterday I was feeling anxious all day and stressed out and had a small anxiety attack. I went to bed feeling fine but then as I was getting tired laying in bed, I felt a slight sharp pain for a few seconds in my chest and it went away after a few seconds. It scared me but I attributed it to muscle pain from being tense all day. Then 5 minutes later I start to have symptoms of what I feel like was an panic attack that just came out of nowhere. I was really worried it was something serious this time as when I get my anxiety attacks, I don't normally sweat really bad. Also my pulse was really strong I could feel it in my belly, chest, and left ear. I also get these strong weird beat in the middle of my chest when I feel anxious sort of like a hiccup or flop, are these pvcs? I didn't really feel short of breath, I tried to do breathing exercises but it didn't seem like it helped me calm down right away. My hands were slightly shakey and when it tried to breath slowly with my belly, it felt spasm like, sort of like my diaphragm was twitching while I breathed, is this part of a panic attack due to muscle tightness or trembling? This seemed to peak and slowly went away as I was able to fall asleep from the exhaustion after about 30 to 40 mins. I also have a hard time focusing when I feel like this for instance when I video game, I can be smart and play tactical, but when I feel these symptoms, I can't think at all it seems like.
I will attach pictures of the episode from last night showing the heart rate increase and decrease as i fell asleep. I get super worried I have a heart or other health problem that causes these symptoms, even if I keep trying to convince myself it's anxiety.
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2021.11.30 21:00 Altruistic_Bug_1264 NS FL1 Question Chem/Phys

I thought it was also "I" because angle of reflection and incidence are equal and the passage says "angle of incident is 30 degrees." What am I missing?
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2021.11.30 21:00 victorklk Sync routes wirlessly (Ambit/Traverse)

Hey, anyone knows if it has been anounced the feature of syncing routes from the phone to the watch? It’s stupid that it has to be done through the usb cable. It can’t be that hard to implement, and even if it is, it has been years since the release of those watches.
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2021.11.30 21:00 FPPenSwapBot December 2021 Confirmed Trade Thread

Post your confirmed trades below; when confirming a post put Confirmed only. The bot will treat anything else as a conversation and ignore it.
Previous month's confirmation thread: November 2021 Confirmed Trade Thread
If the bot is malfunctioning, please send a modmail
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2021.11.30 21:00 erer1243 Currently, it's November 30, 2021 at 07:00PM

Currently, it's November 30, 2021 at 07:00PM
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2021.11.30 21:00 coolwali "Why is Colonel Sanders thirsty for Sonic?"

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2021.11.30 21:00 Arnadus [DVI] ⬇ Dvision Network -1.50% in 5 minutes.-11.90% in 24 hours . Volume -0.41% in 5 minutes

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2021.11.30 21:00 climberjess When to stop swaddling at night?

My son is only 7 weeks old but has now rolled from tummy to back twice. Should I put him in a transition swaddle at night to make sure he's safe? Or do I really only need to start worrying when he can go from back to tummy?
For reference he usually ends up sleeping on his side at night anyway, and has done so pretty much from day 1.
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2021.11.30 20:59 PaulTubeHD No… no… no…. N̵҉̾͟͞͡O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No… no… no…. N̵҉̾͟͞͡O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝O̷̵҉̢̭͚̜̠ͫͣ͐͢͟͢͠͞͝!!!!!!!!!!!!! submitted by PaulTubeHD to Limenade [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:59 Life_Rhubarb1788 What would do today if you learned that tomorrow is the end of the world?

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2021.11.30 20:59 Jackedhampster So I’m going to recharge my disposable tonight

I can’t get new nicotine . My chest hurts and I can’t concentrate on anything . What is the chance I get electrocuted . It’s not me being cheap my only friend I get them from says he will get one for me and forgets everyday.
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2021.11.30 20:59 Dry-Firefighter9368 Just copped another one 😎

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2021.11.30 20:59 tom45283747 H: 40k Caps W: Rare Apparel Offers

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2021.11.30 20:59 PNW_M0D3RN_PR1M1T1V3 Noob making sure I'm not missing anything for a stop the bleed kit.

Compression gauze
Quick clot gauze
Chest seals
Did I forget anything? Should I double up on anything?
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2021.11.30 20:59 caralhudovoador Os brasileiros que sobrevivem com comida destinada aos porcos

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2021.11.30 20:59 DiorBlois I made a Spotify playlist with ALL findable works of Sergei Rachmaninoff!!!!! Go check it out!!! I also made one for Beethoven earlier

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2021.11.30 20:59 popopoipo 【劇場型レイプ】網走市潮見に住む札幌市立学校の教諭、三坂烈慎容疑者(49)を逮捕 架空の暴力団員になりすまして「三坂と性的関係を持たなければ大変なことになる」と女性をホテルに呼び出し→「あなたもですか?実は私も脅されていましてね…」→セックス成功!

【劇場型レイプ】網走市潮見に住む札幌市立学校の教諭、三坂烈慎容疑者(49)を逮捕 架空の暴力団員になりすまして「三坂と性的関係を持たなければ大変なことになる」と女性をホテルに呼び出し→「あなたもですか?実は私も脅されていましてね…」→セックス成功! submitted by popopoipo to newsokunomoral [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:59 StrawberryGirl_7 Coworker comes into office and brags about being exposed to covid

Ranting because I'm genuinely so angry about this.
My coworker (who works at home literally every day) decided to come in to the office and literally starts bragging about how he's been exposed to 2 people who tested positive for COVID. Like WHY did you come in?!?!?! He literally lives an hour from the office and exclusively works from home and THIS is the day he decides to come in?
I ended up talking to my boss and telling him if my coworker doesn't quarantine himself and continues to come in that I will call the labor board. They haven't sent out an email (which they are required to) informing everyone that he has been exposed. They did this the last time someone tested positive and didn't tell us until 2 weeks AFTER he had tested positive. I told my boss this is a hostile work environment and I will not put my family's health at risk for their company.
Once I get my computer set up at home- they will never see me again. This is ridiculous.
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2021.11.30 20:59 mathworkout Role plays, writing scripts and recording them - update now

2 months ago I wrote on reddit that I would give an update on how Role plays, writing scripts and recording them was working. before I do that, I would like to talk about the reasons I chose to do this, I had accumulated lots of vocab, but I was not speaking fluently for long periods of time. I also knew that a lot of people who went to foreign countries and were around the language for long periods of time spoke more fluently so I thought that the key had to be listening to similar dialogues over extended periods of time. For example in the morning your would greet your roommates or family talk about chores start your day, at night you would give a summary or highlights of your day. if you order food everyday you pretty order it the same way each time.
The method that I used changed over time though.
At first it started with roles plays with native speakers would speak naturally and I would write down new words and expressions, and once i felt more comfortable I would write a script and then friends and sometimes natives from preply ad other platforms would record for me and I would listen daily The first day of listen is usually the worst. I had a hard time with the radiator, liderazgo and more because I did not recognize them when spoken. after listening for a while I get used to the words. The process does take time so it did not take long for me to find shortcuts. I would start with what are some common words and expressions used when one is faced with this situation, sometimes I would roleplay after that and sometimes I would just listen to the recording of it. another variation of this method was creating a scenario as well as the dialogue in Spanish and a native would translate my dialogues to better spoken Spanish )the way the natives say it). I wrote and listened to dialogues and monologue. whether it was monologues or dialogues, I wrote what I needed to improve on.
Problems that that I wanted to fix as soon as possible
i wanted to not just know subjunctives but to used them when appropriate. I had definite success of in getting used to using subjunctives, within a week of constantly listening to quiero que sepas, quiero que comas.... I started to speak in subjunctives more easily
I wanted to use words and expressions that I kept forgetting to use: I am making gradual progress on this. there are still expressions that when I listen I feel like I am about to forget them, but I have learned many names of family members I used to always forget suegro, yerno, nuera, hijastra, y padrina. no I know them well. I was able to have a sort of medical consult with a native who happens to be a doctor and I was able to communicate my symptoms in Spanish without having to translate and understand the doctor´s recommendations. I have learned a lot, and hopefully with repeated listening I will eventually get to a point where it would be hard to forget them
I wanted to know what to say when someone has lost a loved one (mi mas sentido pésame o lamento mucho su perdida no existen las palabras para explicarle lo mucho lamento su perdida and how to congratulate someone (te felicito o felicitaciones)
I have accumulated about 4 hours of audio in different situations in the last 3 months. I am also starting to get evaluated in each situation but tutors so that I can keep track of which topics I need to practice listening and roleplaying more. I cannot listen to them all daily so I pick a few each day to listen. I do believe that each exposure brings me closer to language fluency in each situation
Some of the topics that I have audio:
A day going to the mall with a friend
Talking to the mechanic
A wedding and a date
A day at the doctors
Conversation between a parent and child talking about school performance and preparing for the new school year
making an appointment with a client
reserving a hotel
A day at the airport

I will continue writing scripts, listening to the recordings and then roleplaying situations for at least a few more months. While this method may not be for everyone, It helped me, and could help someone else
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2021.11.30 20:59 pew-die-pie2 Need to settle a debate with my friend. Who’s the better skier?

Person 1: Has skied for over 12 years, has skied in over 20 ski resorts, all in multiple countries. And also has skied Double black diamonds (second hardest ski runs to ever exist) multiple times. Not to mention always skis in the highest level possible during ski lessons at massive ski resorts.
Person 2: Has skied for a year and a half, in that year and a half has gone through 6 ski levels and local ski resorts (not big ones), hasn’t skied double black diamonds, but has leveled up quickly.
View Poll
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2021.11.30 20:59 houleyeu Onlyfans ($FANNED) Just stealth launched. 5% Busd rewards, come get breezed

OnlyFans ($Fanned) is a fully decentralized community meme token that passively rewards its
holders with a 13% tax redistribution for all transactions. 5% Tax for BNB reflections to holders

1% Marketing fund for perpetual growth.
Ownership – renounced.
LP – burned
How can you not be a fan?
Contract: 0xB8f979b9Ca2dE4CCb8Ac1f1876564B82B2E0f263

Total supply: 1 000 000 000
Burned supply: 0
Presale price: 0.2 BNB = 10 000 000 = 1%
IDO price: 4x lower than Presale price
Initial LP: 4BNB burned

7% Liquidity tax
5% BUSD reflections
1% Marketing

Max wallet: 1.5% or 15 000 000

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