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2021.11.30 20:48 RodLema How to get started with...?

I'm a mathematics and physics student. I'm interested in software development and I've been taking a few introductory computer science courses. I'm interested in the branch of software development that produces software like Blender, C4D, Fusion 360, Maya, and so on. I'm trying to gather as many resources as possible to learn more about how they work and what should I learn if i wanted to work in their development teams. Is there a name for that area of programming involved 3D software? can anyone point me to useful resources related to it?
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2021.11.30 20:48 Boxermedic Right turn danger

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2021.11.30 20:48 David_5_PUMPKINS Thanks to this sub. I feel grateful for my job and this would be my advice for you all who hate working at your present workplace.

I have been seeing a lot of this sub lately on the front page of Reddit and it reflects how the majority of the people don't like the place where they work. I can't imagine waking up every morning and going to a place that you don't like for the rest of your life. How depressing.
After having reflected on my own situation I feel grateful to my boss and my country for providing the best opportunity for me and giving me a chance.
A little bit about myself. I can work from home, get a company car(and fuel paid by the firm), get £200 from the firm to eat out every month, and only have to work for 7/8 hours a day plus a £10k bonus each year(this will be up to 25k after I get my first promotion @ 24), A+ healthcare, transportation, and travel first class deals. For me I got my job in the field I always wanted to be in "IT". I love it. I do work-related stuff even at home and it does not feel like work "to me". Because I enjoy it. But for most of you, this would not be the case.
To give something back to this sub and the miserable people suffering from toxic conditions from their bosses. This is my advice to find a better opportunity elsewhere that is your passion and you are not doing it for the sake of money in the beginning. Money will come later as you gain experience and exposure in the industry. Find connections through LinkedIn, engage in online virtual events(recruiters track you). Show your passion through your individual projects. Simply doing this will significantly increase your chances as recruiters do take this into account. And most important you as a candidate have an upper hand on the contract. They have already wasted a lot of money in the recruiting phase. You decide what is your worth.
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2021.11.30 20:48 Big-Web1551 Any annuals who’s box hasn’t even shipped yet? 😭

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2021.11.30 20:48 Master_Musician_223 I wonder …

It nearly happened again but thanks to what happened to us, I was able to prevent it happening again. Perhaps by setting the boundaries, the new found friendship would end too but at least that way, it could end sooner rather than later.
I feel defeated.
Finding friendships is never easy. Sometimes I wish I could turn back time and told my younger self not to have told you so much - not to have formed a bond with you. But would that have worked though? Without such bond, maybe we would have stopped talking to each other much sooner anyway.
I still don’t regret knowing you or being your friend.
I wonder if you have managed to find new friends. I wonder if you are getting on well with your work. I hope you are doing well.
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2021.11.30 20:48 ooMars My mom died 17 years ago when I was very young, still feel messed up from it.

My mom died when I was 8 years old from a very rare genetic cancer. She battled for 3 years while my grandmother and I took care of her. She lost her battle while I was at a friends house, as an adult now I still feel like I’m messed up from my mom passing.
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2021.11.30 20:48 Woeden My VIP weekend box is finally here. Space Shuttle Discovery and Lunar Module.

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2021.11.30 20:48 Beepis16 Security firing nuclear at point blank

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2021.11.30 20:48 IsolatedAnon9 Bought one more share earlier this morning on Fidelity and through IEX. First attempt was cancelled right away. The second attempt went through immediately. Bullish? I’d say yes. Bullish.

Bought one more share earlier this morning on Fidelity and through IEX. First attempt was cancelled right away. The second attempt went through immediately. Bullish? I’d say yes. Bullish. submitted by IsolatedAnon9 to Superstonk [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:48 OkCheeba Are there many people on here who regret therapeutic ketamine?

Only negative things I have heard from people are usually early on in the treatment, or after one or more particular session. I have not yet heard of too many people who regret the whole thing, and say that it set them back or messed them up. Anyone here regret it?
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2021.11.30 20:48 BadArtCartoon Pondering my Orbeez

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2021.11.30 20:48 BamVoiletGrace Beat lge with super Saiyan

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2021.11.30 20:48 Give_me_xRENTx Is Funky Town really that scary/bad? Ive never watched it before but my curiosity is killing me 😩. What are you guys experiences?

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2021.11.30 20:48 Atge7619 Sativa Rose January 2007

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2021.11.30 20:48 ImportanceSilver3251 [Pelissero] Giants QB Daniel Jones is considered week-to-week because of his neck strain and backup Mike Glennon is now expected to start Sunday against Miami, sources tell me and @RapSheet.

[Pelissero] Giants QB Daniel Jones is considered week-to-week because of his neck strain and backup Mike Glennon is now expected to start Sunday against Miami, sources tell me and @RapSheet. submitted by ImportanceSilver3251 to nflstreamlinks [link] [comments]

2021.11.30 20:48 Ne1tche-son 🚪

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2021.11.30 20:48 ShortAlgo $FIS Waiting for Buy signal on FIS with

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2021.11.30 20:48 mlk So I added gelatin and cold crashed before the end of fermentation

I'm fermenting a Porter with 1.040 OG using good old US-05, in this case it was a bit too old and probably not in the best shape because the fermentation wasn't very active, krausen took a couple of days to appear. I started at 16C (60F) and raised the temperature to 20C (68F) over a couple of weeks.
Ignoring everything I know I didn't measure the density before cold crashing, this is also the first time I've ever used gelatin for fining. Today I moved the fermenter out of the fermentation chamber with the intention to bottle. I tasted the beer and it was way to sweet, as confirmed by measuring the density since it only reached 1.011 instead of the 1.007 expected.
Tomorrow I'll go to my local homebrew store to buy a fresh packet of US-05, my question is: will gelatin bring the new yeast straight to the bottom of the fermenter, inhibiting its
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2021.11.30 20:48 Longjumping_Leg5143 Is xedit hard? Should I bother?

So I’ve avoided using xedit unless I absolutely have to because I’ve been dreading learning it. I managed a 140 strong load order without really touching it, save for following a tutorial for merging some mods
The more posts I read though the more I feel like I’ll have to learn it at some point. Is it easy to learn? Anyone have any tutorial recommendations? Should I even bother? I love the idea of being able to make my own patches and making quick changes to mods that I want, like removing this… or tweaking the value of that… but is it worth the effort, what’s your experience?
Note btw: I have to specify a tag. I’m playing LE but I’ll prolly move to AE at some point… but as far as I’m aware the program is the basically the same for both so whatever
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2021.11.30 20:48 Vance_Sadonte IM AM NIHGT FEA RM/E

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2021.11.30 20:48 ale4robin Check this out!

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2021.11.30 20:48 inszuszinak I’m not pointing fingers,

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2021.11.30 20:48 nerdymofo69 Kusha Kapila is packing some good stuff

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2021.11.30 20:48 SupaKoopa714 Would it be a bad idea to have my first head build be a kemono head?

My best friend is a furry and his favorite Pokemon is Shinx, and I was thinking Shinx would be perfect for a kemono version, and I've already found a pattern and everything for the base. I was wondering though, would it be OK for a kemono head to be my very first fursuit head build? It just seems like it's a much simpler shape and build than the standard head, and Shinx is pretty much only one color, so I don't have to worry about a ton of detail work. That being said, I have no idea what I'm talking about, so I'd love to hear some opinions. The pattern is LocomotionFursuits kemono pattern, for whatever it's worth.
I also bought Kloofsuits' canine head pattern, which I was planning on doing next, but I'll totally do that one first if you guys recommend it.
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