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Best Pad Thai?

2022.01.28 23:20 CriticalShitass Best Pad Thai?

Alright... so for years I’ve thought tarntip was the best pad Thai around. I just came back in town and ordered pad Thai from them and I was.. underwhelmed.
Who, in your opinion, has the best Pad Thai in the area?
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2022.01.28 23:20 LegoWill05 AP Bio Question

Hi, so I'm taking AP Biology next year and was curious about one thing. I know the class is a double period with the second period being lab, but on a normal day, do you just do lab prep or demonstrations during that period, is it more classwork, or something else?
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2022.01.28 23:20 swagNextTuber Kevin McCarthy shares shocking facts about fentanyl

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2022.01.28 23:20 discovermyrectum Obtaining medical certificate for new student

Hey all
So far I've used the FAA's medexpress system to create my 8500-8 form. I am operating under the understanding that I need a Third Class certificate. I've also used the FAA's designee locator search function and almost all the examiners are first class, with nothing local to me. Apparently I have two third class examiners in my state(MA).
My question is can a first class examiner perform the examination and certify me, or does it specifically have to be a third class? Also, anyone do this recently, do you know if they are doing web appointments?
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2022.01.28 23:20 panthergold2k3 Honesty on deranking

I used to play the game straight up all the time. I would always play to win, until i started noticing more and more players deranking. So a few weeks ago I tried it. It was the most fun I had in weekend rank ever. I had some of the best games and every game was competitive. These week I tried going back to straight up, no deranking... and my weekend ranked is horrible. I just feel like I am in the deep end and i do not know how to swim. I am losing hope, man. I feel like everyone should just derank durin the week. When you look at the top players in the game 90 percent, or more derank on thursday. Just look at the graphs. Good luck fixing it. Until then, i think I will play meme decks to lose mid week. Then back to my best deck for weekend rank.
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2022.01.28 23:20 Traditional-Ad9849 In love with DRG! THANKS devs for the play station launching!

I have more than 25 years playing videogames , lately I was a bit disappointed for videogames , untill I decide to try the new PS PLUS free games and wow . This is the perfect example of a great coop game! Lot of fun , great community , cool missions and new content . I can definitely recommend everyone to buy this game and have fun ! It will be also super cool If the Devs add clans so we can create very competitive teams !
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2022.01.28 23:20 The1andonly27 Lateral bracing for Ceiling Joists in Residential Wood Construction.

When designing ceiling joists, do you consider the joists as unbraced, braced at midspan, braced at 1/3 pts, or fully braced?
I usually consider them unbraced when blocking is not required. However, looking at span tables online, assuming “unbraced” is not consistent with the spans shown in the tables. It seems to be a bit over conservative.
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2022.01.28 23:20 Chizuru_San How to use all available space while installing pfsense on USB flash drive?

When I tried to install pfsense on harddisk, pfsense installer with the default auto partition option will utilize the whole disk space.
However, when I am trying to install on USB flash drive, it is a 8GB one and it seems pfsense is only using 4.8GB.
Will it be a problem? I am not installing any addon to it and just use it as openvpn client. Thanks.
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2022.01.28 23:20 Death_Mittens WA scrambles to fix 'ridiculous' border rules after wave of anger in East Kimberley

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2022.01.28 23:20 AnimeCrusader69 Broken Bones- Chapter 8

Apologies if this took a little while. I got a little stuck, but I made a THICC chapter.

As time passed and both Max and Soona traversed the city, they began to travel in the city's cleaner corners. One eyed kangaroo rats scampered into sewer openings. The advertisements ditched the eye blinding neon lights and adapted to a more calm 3D hologram image. Even the "golden-shower" rainstorms cleared up as they took shelter under some store tarps to avoid Max dying from hypothermia.
"Are all humans vulnerable to sudden changes in weather? She asked once they started moving again.
Still wringing out the squid piss from his poncho, he said, "Yeah, but it's not normal for humans to be walking around half naked. We don't have much hair, and when our bodies experience such a shock, they risk shutting down in heavy exposure." He explained, then asked her the same question."
What about you? Could you live at extreme temperature without a metal body?" He pointed at her case that protected her from the rain.
Mimicking his head shake, she said, "Us Bitumin strive in specific environments. Others not so much. We are known for our big strong tolerance. Heat? Just stay away from direct sources. No smoking melt. Cold? Just stay in case. No freeze. Only big bad is large water source. Can become big. Too bloated if absorb. Lose all mass and risk hurting core." She said much to Max's interest."
I'm considered above average in height for my kind. Do Bitumin have a- uh measuring system?" He questioned.
"Silly words. Height means nothing. Mass holds power. Is sign of success in actions. Get by absorbing food, certain rocks, and drugs." She alarmed him with her last answer.
"Is it normal to use drugs?" He asked.
"Like I said, mostly wealthy Bitumin use drug. Symbol for power. Not much use when have bone beasts." She explained as Max resisted the urge to have her explain what exactly bone beasts are.
Why specifically bone? he kept asking himself. If space travel is really possible between whatever alien group this is, I can't imagine such a strong similarity of *bones** being natural in the evolution of animals from different planets.*
Either an eternity passed or thirty minutes, because just as Max was beginning to complain about the trip, Soona stopped and announced their arrival. It wasn't exactly what Max was thinking when told the two slug girls were rich, but it was close enough.
Before them stood four cylindrical towers with pointed roofs. All four stood at about 75 feet, or almost 23 meters tall in each corner of a square shape. Connecting the towers in between them was a tube tunnel made of the same metal as the rest of the buildings. But since the tube didn't do much of a good job of keeping people out of the inner square area, an energy-like force field of the same making as the desert areana was set up. Finally, glancing past that showed something that forced Max to look twice before he fully realized what it was. Past this energy shield-guarding wall was an entire working habitat of bio-diversity. In extreme contrast to the foggy London streets of polluted alien-ville, it was strange to look inside the four tower territory and be greeted with overgrown grass vegetation, large purple barked alien trees that covered the entire zone in a rooftop of leafs, and lastly, what his eyes made out, a pond.
He couldn't compare all the small details to the earth's wilderness because he was too far away, but it was similar enough to where any human could be fooled from a distance. Suddenly, realizing he had stopped to stare, he ran to catch up with Soona, who was almost infront of the bottom left tower already.

Once by her side, she questioned him "why delay?" while still suffering from her broken English problem.
"Your friends are growing a small forest in their backyard." He said, in wonderment. "Why?"
"They have bone beast business. Many beasts. Some wild, need training. Make kit units. Money from private duals. Sometime tournament. They first met you while in tournament." She reminded him the first time they met. Continuing, "They understand bad time. Should let us in." She informed him.
Fully approaching the normal doored entrance now, she tapped on what seemed like a doorbell and waited. Depending on the time Max half expected for nobody to answer, but someone did. Or a cluster of someones did.
Facing them, a small group of ten Decabroons floated idle in the air. Feeling himself being patched into the comunications, he listened to them as her translator turned them into Bitumin, then into English. The result was even more broken words.
"WHAT BUSINESS?" One spoke in a loud tone.
"I'm acquainted with the two Trail Blood twins. I request speaking." She stated.
And they didn't seem amused.
"TOMMAROW. GO.""Wait a second-"
Soona despertly said as the squid things rudely started shutting the door on them. As it started closing from the side, Max jabbed his hand out and caught it. Pushing it back into the slot with a grunt, he jammed it back into the wall.
As both the ten squids and Slime robot looked at him in surprise, Max whispered to Soona so they wouldn't hear.
"Try asking again. Be more firm."
And facing the Squids again, she said, "Request is for Trail Blood. Not you." Seeming to get the message, they let them both enter, as five of the ten flew off to find somebody. Max relaxed. He was just grateful to be out of the cold.

A plethora of gleaming things greeted them inside. The soil was chiseled onto the marble ground, giving it the texture and style of a forest floor. Instead of potted plants, stood small trees and flowers dipped in gold or silver. The walls were rough and uneven, like cave walls, as the roof had a curve with no hard corners. The entire building being cylindrical meant that, once entered, they saw most of the first floor. The majority of the mysteries lay in the upper floors, connected by a strange staircase.
While most aliens could fly, he knew some slithered or walked. So he was surprised to see half of the staircase as normal steps, while the other half was a ramp embedded with grooves and curves that were most likely to grab or control traction.
Looking around himself, he had to ask Soona. "Are these friends nobles or something?"
"No. Not born noble, but think they want to. Very serius in business. Might have to negotiate."
"Friends don't negotiate. Will they try to enslave you? Take advantage?" He asked before she seemed to defend them a little."
"Won't go that far. Old friends will help, but they won't jeopardize own life. Soona don't expect them to. Is selfish."
Max felt like he was trudging on slippery territory again, so he shut his mouth. He doesn't know all the details, but he just wants to make sure Soona isn't taken advantage of with legal crap. He's already been a victim of it himself, and Soona is pretty much his life support to live on this alien planet. The moment she's gone, I'd probably be thrown in a cage and experimented on like a genie pig. He shivered.
As he breathed in a fresh batch of fruit-scented air, both he and Soona noticed new people walking down the stairs along with the twins. Either they were too far away and he didn't hear them, or Soona forgot to patch him in as more of those Molluskian slug people lightly chatted with the twins, shook hands, and exited the tower.

Well... Exited is the wrong word as they struggled to close the door on the way out. The same malfunctioning door that Max broke open.
Muttering to themselves in their garrbled language and colorful skin, they finally left out of sight as the twins judged the coast clear to talk. Max also stepped back and let Soona take the lead.
"Goodness gracious, that took longer than I expected. I was surprised when our servant broke orders and interrupted us, but I'm honestly happy it's you, Soona!" Dwen greeted Soona with her joyous attitude.
Then Qwen joining in, "While I don't necessarily enjoy having business time interrupted, I will admit that offer was going nowhere."
Not allowing Soona to get a word in, Dwen questioned her sister, "Nowhere? It didn't even start. The moment they entered and saw us they just kept curtailing questions and began flirting."
"FLIRTING with you. Once again, my birthmark was mistaken as a male trait and they assumed I was flaunting colors in search of a female." She tomboyishly fumed as Soona stared at them.
"Enough with our talk." Qwen waved it away with her braceleted arm. "Let's discuss in a more comfortable area why you are here so late." She eyed both Soona and Max with a deadly businesswoman's stare. Attempting to analyze them like a poker player, but failing to do so as Soona hid in a robot body and Max played his act well as a dum bone beast picking his nose.
Before walking to the stairs, Dwen nicely asked "Would you like to deposit your bone beast somewhere else?" Soona, on the other hand, rejected it.
"No thanks. He's a little skittish without being around me. He'll just bother your own beasts in the storage area."
To which Qwen said, "We could always just sleep drug him. That'll calm it."
"Unless you're willing to use your most heavy and expensive paralysis on him, it'll be a waste of kit for basically a ten minute talk."
"Fair enough." They both said at the same time while trailing up the steps. Soona motioning for Max to follow her.
Nodding and taking the more bipedal steps, he kept pace with Soona.
As the stairs curved around with the wall, they eventually made the 14-foot ascent onto the second floor. This looked a little more like a comfy lounge room, so they climbed up to the third story again into what seemed like an office this time.
Behind a desk lay two ramp chairs, most likely for the slug bodies for the twins, and in front of the desk lay the most basic universal chair suited for all races. A simple pile of cushins. Max looked like he was going to join her in laying down in hopes of freaking them out again, but she quickly sent him a mental message saying, "Don't!"
Listening to her, he fained his movements towards the cushins and instead scoped out the rest of the room. Doing typical bone beast things like sniffing the file cases and looking out the window. Seeing him do that, Dwen commented, "Oh how cuuuuute~"
You still have no idea. she bubbled to herself.
Once it seemed like everybody was in position, minus Max, they began discussions.
"I hope you have a significant purpose for meeting us tonight. It must be important since you ignored simply calling us." Qwen said.
"Especially since earlier you asked for a favor and borrowed a translator chip. Oh! Is your friend happy and want to make business with us!" Dwen jumped to conclusions again.
Deciding to be truthful, Soona said, "No. I still haven't gotten much word back from him yet, but I am here with you today because I was kicked out of my apartment. I- as you can already guess, am having a money shortage problem."
"Hmm." Qwen hummed. "Quite the predicament you find yourself in."
"Yes." Soona simply agreed. Seeming to displeasure Qwen as that was not the answer she wanted to hear.
"How might I ask, is this our problem?" She stated. "You had well enough time to cope, and eventually go back into the business of tournaments. Sandy hell, give dualing a try and see how profitable that can be."
"Yeah," Dwen jumped in agreeing with her sister. "Why haven't you applied for a BB battle? You just literally participated in a warm up not too long ago. What's stopping you from entering an official match with your bone beast? It won. Brutally so against that Octodren and his Trixil worm." She argued.
Yes. Why havn't I? she questioned herself. Then, immediately feeling a chill pierce her body, she noticed Max standing still. Looking away, but most likely closely listening to their conversation. He eagerly waited for her to say something she might regret.
Very tempted to cut his connection off from the talk, she decided not to do that as that would only prove her guilty.
"My inability goes past my feelings of... past problems. I require your help. I know not to ask for free help. I know I have some debts to you. I just want you to know I will work for it. Whatever you want, I will work towards providing it in exchange for kit units." Max looked at her with a sense of worry replacing his cold stare. Reminding her that he was against all forms of slavery. Him or her.
Before requesting something from Soona, both twins thought deeply to themselves.
"Soona, could you shut off your translator while I discuss some things with my sister?" Qwen asked in a way that sounded demeaning.
Mistakenly nodding in Max's human way, she stumbled on her words.
"Y-Yes." She switched off the Molluskian language on the translator and disconnected them from talking. Now only her and Max shared the room as Qwen and Dwen started eagerly talk up a storm ignoring them.
Not a single thing was said between her and him. Thinking, she questioned her feelings for him. Am I afraid of him, or am I afraid of his disappointment? Gugh! What do I say!?! she brooded to herself. Not fully realizing the worst of this trip had yet to pass.
Giving the "ok" sign that they were ready to continue negotiations, Soona connected them back and flipped her translators' settings back on.
"I believe we have come to a consensus of two options laid out for you Soona." Stated Qwen. "The first Dwen thinks is most reasonable for you, and the second option is mine, which is the last and only chance we'll give. And don't think of what we say as being unfair. We hold you in a positive light as friends, and know we can trust your word. If we weren't, then we wouldn't be giving two options." A moment passed as Soona didn't speak out. "Ok, Dwen will make her proposal first." She rested in her chair as Dwen took the lead.
"Soona, I will give you an entire year's worth of kit units and reference a Bitumin job employer for you, if you agree to hand over ownership of your bone beast to me." Dwen stated as time seemed to freeze inside her vat.
Core shaking, she dreaded even looking in Max's direction, who was behind her. Wouldn't he understand though? With that kind of money, I could finaly restart my life. Forget about bone beasts. FORGET about past trauma and grudges... I could start over. Afterall, the only thing she had to do was sell him off.
How hard could it be?
Memories of her sister flooded back. The childhood they spent together. The time and effort they both sacrificed to fulfill their dream of becoming bone beast trainers. To beat the oppressive galaxy they lived in. No.NO. I can't forget her. I can't afford to give up on him. I've already gone too far, even contemplating selling a sapient being into slavery. A being who's spared me when he had every right to not do so.
"No. I refuse." To the surprise of everyone in the room, she said this.
"Are you going to explain why you're turning down this golden opportunity?" She asked back.
"No. I don't think I will." She stated bringing out her inner stubbornness. Pushing back the urge to feel regret for her decision.
"Fine. Whether if it's greed making you believe option two is better, don't say I didn't warn you." Dwen dissapointly warned Soona as her and Qwen switched sitting positions. Now Qwen leaned intimidatingly over the desk."
Here is an employee contract to be signed into our B.B business. Wage, living space, and expected roles will all be legally included in the text, as will health insurance for both you and it, but to keep things short. You are going to fight. You're going to use that stupid beast behind you, and I expect results for whatever job we send you on. Duals, different tournament events, by the grain, if we send you on a dirty job to kill. You. Will. Kill. Understand that?" She questioned her.
Almost nodding yes, she stopped herself to think. It's better to do this instead of betraying Max over the other, but he needs to agree. Absolutely nothing will work if he says no. Taking a moment to pick up the contract written on a tablet, she took a peek, and fained deeply reading it. Then she said, "I greatly like this option. But... can I have some time to look it over? Process the details of the contract before making a decision?"
Understandably, Dwen said, "Of course. I will admit I'm a little disappointed that I won't be getting big "Demon" over there, but I'll still be happy if you work for us. This is a big deal and requires thought."
Jumping in, Qwen spoke, "If you have any problems with the terms and agreement, speak with us so we may adjust a few things. Just know that certain items, like the contract's term, are non-negotiable. You will work for approximately 5 years under our order."
"I understand. Could I be provided a room for now? Demon will stay with me and not cause trouble if put in the same room."
"Yes, yes, of course!" Beamed Dwen. "Might as well show you your new room you'll live in if you accept the contract. No pressure or anything, just trying to be a generous host soon to be boss. Still, NO PRESSURE." Dwen raved on as she slowly grated on Soona's nerves. The only constant in her head was Max's presence beside her as they exited the office and descended down the stairs.
Spiraling all the way down to ground level, Dwen led them to the connecting tunneled tubed. For Dwen and Soona's naturally small bodies, they had an easy time strolling through it, but Max seemed to struggle as he kept finding himself checking for head bumps. Like a confused miner stuck in a cave, he followed them both.
"And this is our second department. Where in the first one we do all of our file business, talks, and trade. Here in the second tower we focus on bone beasts, training and weaponizing. Although less of the lator as it is more complicated than you'd think to instal weapons onto them."
While a lot of bone beasts are stupid, they still feel pain like all living things. She couldn't imagine what it would feel like if somebody tried to weld spikes onto her core. In hopes to calm both her and Max's nerves she asked Dwen, "What use are of the other towers?"
To which she replied, "Well, we have a small laboratory in the third tower. Its mainly used for things like repairing equipment, checking the health of the beasts we own, and at the top we have dormitories for the servants. There, we are going.
Soona wondered if any of the procedures might be able to help Max. He is alot like bone beasts, but smarter. She wouldn't want to give him a medicine that would instantly kill him. Hopefully Qwen still holds onto that promise of letting me borrow their bio scanner to use on him. she thought to herself as she asked Dwen of the fourth tower.
Replying she said, "Other than it being me and Qwen's sleeping quarters, I can't really tell you as your not enlisted yet. A few info sensitive things need to stay there." She heavily emphasized the "yet".
Not staying within the walls of tower two for too long, they quickly left the dirty and scratched walls and entered another tunnel, much to Max's sour face.
Sending him a silent message, she asked, "Almost there. They're gonna give us a room to take shelter in for now. Are you in a vigorous state?"
Replying back in a small whisper, he said, "Positively fit as a fiddle."
Confused at his strange quip, she added it up to the translator's fault. They would have plenty of time to talk about the contract and what their future implied. As obviously he depended on her as much as she did him.
Now entering tower number three, they noticed a decent number of less scratches and more equipment left around the sterile white room. Being an area of less beasts and more inclined torwards the work of veterinarians or doctors, they climbed the stairs up to the third floor and eventually made it to their rooms. Counting up the other outlines in the walls that she could see, she estimated that about 50 residents could live in this tower. Possibly 100 if they were the only other non-decabroon race in this tightly packed curved hall.
"Here you are, log in your hand now to this door so that you may exit and find us later when your ready. Is he a chewer?" Dwen asked her while looking at Max.
"I don't think so?" She answered honestly.
"Good. There may not be many things to damage, but the contract is going to have more clauses if he damages anything. Enjoy your Bitumin designed room." Waving farwell, she left them both.
Letting out a few bubbles, Max patiently waited as she opened the door by having her hand scanned on its surface.
It registered its new occupant and opened with a hiss. Peering inside, she was a little disappointed at the so called "Bitumin design".
Once entering, the size of the room became immediately apparent. Compared to her entire apartment, this was the size of her sleeping compartment. And this room was supposed to be the sleeping compartment and main room at the same time. Where would she sleep? She asked herself as she looked around the 10x15 foot room. To her left a table attached to the wall suspended off the ground a few feet...
Actualy, on second thought she realized that was her bed once she noticed no storage place was constructed in the walls. Other than a few blankets and pillows to pad out the scratches her case would receive on the bed material, they didn't even bother with an outlined figure to rest her mass in if she wanted to lie outside her case. And boy, did it feel cramped to stay in her vat for too long.
Moving past her and approaching the padded bed, Max tested the strength of it before roughly sitting down. He let out a heavy breath, like she would bubbles, and rested his back against the wall.
"This meant for sleeping? Not probbing?" He asked in a appreciative way.
"No probe. New home if we accept. I need to show you the contract." She stated.
"Home seems good enough. Why not accept." He tested her. Probably already knew a few key words in the discussion she had with the twins.
Closing the door and sitting down next to him, she also laid back in a tired way.
"Look. I know we don't know a lot about each other, but I feel like we can be truthful by now. I. Need. You... Bitumin, even among friends we are an undermined race. Do you know what our life, our cores are made of?"
"No?" He said.
"We are cursed to live a life of oppression becuase we are one of the only races to have traces of bone in our body. Our cores hold faint bits of vitamins also located in the bones of beasts. Hence why the other races dislike us so much."
"But why!" Max asked incredulously. "Why against bones! What is wrong about bones being in Bitumin body? What is bad about me?" He questioned.
"Max, whether this will be translated properly or not, but... Our two species are the only intelligent bone kind alike in the explored galaxy.
As Max sat on the new, comfortable bed, Soona communicated to him every hellish dystopian detail her alien society held. First of all, and most importantly, other than the special case that was the Bitumins, there is currently no other known sapient race to exist that has bones in the body. Or, at the very least, "was" as humans exist, but he's beginning to believe it should be kept a secret.
Apparently, Bitumins are such important and useful worker in their alien society that they've proven too valuable to kill off. When he asked her if they've killed any other race for the same reason, she answered, "Only one example, but is very complicated. Noxland, nearest planet is home of Gruk. Many Gruk were killed in war. Only one left." She said ominously.
"I'm assuming they had bones?" He asked.
"Sort of." She shuffled, seemingly in shame for past history she was about to reveal. "The Gruk. Very big. Walk on feet and knuckles. Skin oozes adhesive. They attach plates of rock, stone and ore on bodies like armor. But when our races met, they called it their bones. This angered the high lords. They said if pledge alliance, and abandon savage culture they would be allowed to join us. Gruk refused. Their "bones" were apart of their culture. Their life. And they fought two of the seven lords. Only six live today." She put down her hands, which she used to signify the large battle that happened.
"So these... Gruk. They fought a more developed army than them, and killed a high lord. One of your leaders?"
"Yes and no." She confusingly said making him think the collar was acting up. "High lords are leaders. Very important. Created the Osteon Manifest Destiny. Talk that later, but they didn't kill one. They kill both attacking high lords." She said shocking Max."
But you said only six of the seven high lords live today?"
Continuing herself as her robot head stared at him, "I never say one survived. One was replaced. Replaced by the Gruk who killed him. The only last Gruk alive, Frit'gen is the sixth high lord." She revealed blowing his mind.
Ok. So Im dealing with a trigger happy alien civilization who follows some sort of manifest destiny, scouring the universe of anything remotely bone and smart put together... oh no."
Is there any chance this Frit'gen guy will like me? Possibly help me find my home. Bone brothers alike?" He reasoned with Soona.
She thought to herself, bubbling inside her vat, but eventually said, "Don't think so. Entire race dead. Wrathful. Waiting for new challengers to replace him. Tournaments final prize is rank of high lord. Get by killing him." She ended.
"Great. Just fantastic." He said sarcastically, banging the back of his head against the wall.
"Soona does not detect anything great about the current situation." She said.
"It was sarcasm."
"What is sarcasm?"
His head rang a little as he headbutted his frustration back down the deep hole it came from. "A lot of the Molluskian language wasn't translated when you were talking. I only understood snippets. Anything important about the new "contract" you mentioned." He knew she denied something worse before being offered this new contract, but he wasn't sure if he was gonna like this one either.
"We have to dual other bone beasts in private fights and... umm..." she paused at his stare.
"Go on. I'm not a savage." He said not intending it to be a jab about the Gruk.
"We may have to fight in tournament... soon."
Ouch, Head. Gotta stop that.*
While rubbing the back of his head, she continued. "Max. I understand situation is poor, but please. Assist me in-."
"Fighting and killing the high lords. Is this just your way to get back at the them? Get that sweet revenge against whatever they did to you?" He said
"No." She spoke not looking at him. "History is gone. The past isn't important now. I want to survive. You do too. Help me. We must fight, together."
She has a point. No matter how much we hate our lives, at the end of the day we wanna live. Human or not. Max closed his eyes while humming. Giving her a small extension of an olive branch, he asked her a quastion heavily thinking it over.
"This contract. What do we do, and how exactly does this tournament work? How does any of this fighting work with beasts."
Seeing the glimps of anticipation in her other smaller hands, she slowly, but surely simplified it down.
"Basis of all orginization of bone beasts start with rank tiers. System of rank goes A, B, C, D, E. Best to worst. The tiers are secondary, and specify where in tier you are in from 1 to 10."
"Well surely I must be B10 becuase I am amazing." He bragged remembering the epic fight with the worm."
"Please don't mimic Octodren. You are D-rank below 4." She popped his bubble."
I can dream someday.
"Beast cattle are E-rank. Most beginners start with cattle and train them to surpass E10 into D1. Rank D is still beginner, but slightly better. Rank C is experts. Many skilled trainers who've cultivated bone beast stay here, usually unable to pass it into B."
"Why is that?" He asked.
"Only thing more corrupt than high lords is nobles. Many rich pass rank tiers with purchased beasts. Very big business in catch, train and sell." She said before noticing the annoyed look in Max's eyes.
Continuing, "Nobles win duals, official tournaments and small special events by overwhelming firepower. E are useless. D are sturdy. C can challenge equal power, but B and A are another level." She stated, trying to suppress herself on just how big the gap was between B and C. "B-ranks are born with innate exotic abilities. A-ranks can challenge gods. Invisibility, Summon storms, mind control. Only A-ranks can challenge high lords. Many do, and many die."
"And this contract expects us to fight A-ranks?" He questioned.
"No, no, no. Twins would never send a D-rank to A-rank tournament. Many different events for different classes."
"Ah, ok." He said slightly understanding the gist of things. "What would we be doing first if I agreed to this?"
"Hmm, well, twins decide what do. Most likely, testing will occur prior to dual. They own many bone beasts. Must evaluate your rank tier before battle. Otherwise won't be allowed."
Ayaiyoy. Those slugs are gonna boss us around. But what else is there to do? Can't necessarily pass for a stupid beast my entire life. Also won't survive long being homless on an alien world.
With no food stamps in sight, he brooded as exhaustion overtook him. Yawning and feeling done with today, he said, "Fine. Fine! I'll help with whatever-"
Being interrupted by Soona as she grabbed his hand and put her head on it, she stated profusely "Thank you Max. Won't regret.""
Yeah, yeah. Just don't treat me like a dog and were fine."
"Dog bad?" She asked.
"Naw they're better than cats." He said, laying down and relaxing on the bed.
"Small room problem."
"Don't you sleep in that robot body?" He said questionably while looking up to stare at her. "I thought I saw you exit from a broom closet once after I woke up. Why not sleep under the bed?"
Nodding her head in a human way, she said "Sometimes sleep in case. Mostly outside case when not near dange- beast that could do harm."
"Welp, were both sentient beings too stubborn enough to swallow our pride and sleep on the ground. Gauss its time for the ancient human tradition."
"What... tradition is this? Unfair if strength." She pointed at him.
"Not to worry pinky. This tradition is as old as time. Predating the age of the gods and the creation of earth. When pitted against each other, masterminds and simpletons are on equal footing. All is fair when playing rock, paper, scissors."

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2022.01.28 23:20 Severe_Mixture_192 Como expressar seus sentimentos?

Bom eu tenho um certo problema que de n conseguir expressar meus sentimentos pra alguém que eu amo, é por conta disso ja perdi várias oportunidades de ter um relacionamento com alguém que eu esteja gostando, eu ja tentei de tudo para poder me expressar mas toda vez que eu vo tentar eu amarelo ou fujo do lugar, então eu queria pedir a ajuda de vcs para falar como eu posso fazer para essa insegurança desapareça de mim... Pfv deem conselhos nos comentários (╥﹏╥)
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2022.01.28 23:20 ThePrideOfKrakow Why does it seem every iPhone video ends with that annoying toolbar opening from the bottom of the screen and they press stop.

Is this supposed to be a 'subtle' way of letting you know it's 'shot on an iPhone.'
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2022.01.28 23:20 hmmgross Movies where the plot focuses on the anxiety and tension trying to get away with something.

I'm talking that apprehension and nervous panic that comes from hiding something and its central to the plot the avoidance of almost being found out. A good TV show that does this is The Santa Clarity Diet.
Other examples that come to mind:

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2022.01.28 23:20 Prestigious_Ad_5647 Septum piercing help

I got my septum piercing yesterday and they pretty much just stabbed me and sent me on my way. The jewelry they gave me is a 16g i’m assuming. How would I go about down sizing? It just looks too big to me and not really what I was going for. Is this just the size I need for the initial month?
Please help, thank you.
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2022.01.28 23:20 endisbegun27 Cant return lost satchels?

I've found some lost satchels but cant seem to do anything with them? Im definitely online butthe on o ly option on the menu is to check records or go back. What am I doing wrong?
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